Educator Bulk Purchase Package

Get a great deal on our Arduino shields
and training for your classroom.
What's included?
-20 Kit-on-a-Shields for Arduino

-64GB Flash Drive loaded with our training curriculum that can be used on up to 25 workstations in your school
What teachers are saying about our shields and curriculum:
"I have been using the Kit-on-a-Sheild in my embedded microcontrollers class and have been very happy with it."
Jim Heffernan
Professor / Coordinator of Electronics Engineering Technology
Quinsigamond Community College, MA
"I'm truly grateful for what you created and it was HUGELY successful for my kids last year."

Jack Gupton

Walker Jr. High STEAM/Industrial Arts

We had Jack on our podcast, listen to the show.

Benefits for your classroom...

Quick setup and tear down for class.
Helps students focus on developing programming skills
Use your existing Arduino’s
Training assumes no prior knowledge of electronics or programming
One time purchase for offline access and course can be loaded in up to 25 computers in your school
Short video lengths make watching during class time ideal, giving students time to experiment with what they learn
Normally $848 now only a one time purchase of $695.
We accept your schools purchase orders as well.  Send purchase order requests to
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